Published by Everett Taylor on August 25, 2016

Westfield World Trade Center: A Marvel in Retail Shopping

When the Westfield Corporation signed the 1.4 billion World Trade Center deal, back in 2012, Peter Lowy the co-CEO with the corporation said that the developer would create a new retail standard for the city and sign world-class tenants. This promise was realized last week when the Westfield World Trade Center mall was officially opened for business. The opening ceremony was held at the Oculus, a new transportation hub situated in lower Manhattan. The opening of this state-of-the art shopping mall is expected to improve the perception of New York’s landscape significantly, following the 9/11 incident.

Ownership and Management of the World Trade Center Mall

The World Trade Center mall is one of the several mall real estate projects being carried out by the Westfield Corporation. In total, the near future and current projects being developed by this corporation, especially in the leading cities across the world, are valued at $10.5 billion. In addition to acquiring and redeveloping existing centers, Westfield is well renowned for acquiring the sites that present great development opportunities, especially in the new markets.

The Westfield shopping centre giant is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (WFD) and is controlled by the Lowy family. The current Westfield chairman, Frank Lowy, addressed the guests at the VIP launch of the World Trade center. According to him, this shopping center is expected to be the most successful and productive projects the corporation has ever undertaken. Once they are fully operational, the shops within this new location are expected to generate not less than $1 billion every year. According to the US Chief Operating Officer for Westfield, William Hecht, the trade center is a symbol of opportunity, hope, perseverance and progress for the developer.

Design and Visual Appeal of the Mall

Walking around the mall feels like you are walking in an innovative space hub or airport. It is also very thrilling to look up at the 160-foot-high building, while standing in the middle. This gives you an impressive view of the articulated ceiling ribs used in the structure. The environment inside the shopping mall is rather quiet and calming.

The Westfield World Trade Center will serve as a non-stop center for dining and shopping in New York and is expected to house not less than 100 global retail brands. With such a capacity, the mall is expected to serve more than 60,000 workers and residents, in addition to at least 300,000 commuters every day. In 2017, the mega structure is expected to host not less than 15 million travelers from various parts of the world.