Published by Everett Taylor on February 1, 2017

Understanding the Most Effective Methods of Oil Exploration

Drilling for oil has become one of the most important industrial practices in the world. It allows people to get to this precious commodity and use it. There are many different methods that can be used and understanding them is crucial for anyone interested in this field.

The Various Drilling Methods
There are multiple different oil well drilling methods that can be utilized to find high-quality oil. The use of these methods will vary depending on the needs of the person or the company doing the drilling.

Each has their advantages and disadvantages that will be discussed in more depth below. These methods include horizontal drilling, multilateral drilling, extended reach drilling, and complex path drilling.

Horizontal Drilling
Horizontal drilling is a method that utilizes two approaches. A vertical well is created first and it then turns horizontal within the area where the oil is located.

This helps expose more of the area to oil: horizontal legs can be miles long to capture more gas. An example of this type of oil drilling was perfected by independent company, Cunningham Energy ( as they worked with Big Injun to create three high-quality horizontal drills.

Multilateral Drilling
When oil is trapped at different layers, multilateral drilling is used. This method allows drilling experts to branch out from the original well to tap into these different locations. It is often a preferred method because it eliminates the need for multiple wells and can consolidate it into one. This saves excessive drilling.

Extended Reach Drilling
This method works exactly like it sounds. It is used when there are deposits at least five miles away from the surface. It is a very difficult to master type of drilling because of the use of extended drilling. However it has become a popular method for onshore and offshore drilling because of the way it can consolidate drilling operations.

Complex Path Drilling
Complex well paths are designed to create multiple paths to different sources of oil. This method is often used when the oil deposits are spread out in a way that can’t be reached by any of the other methods. While it can be expensive, it actually saves money by consolidating drilling and producing less waste.

Fully understanding these drilling methods is a crucial way of succeeding in the business. Studying them at a deeper level can help you get started on the path to success in the oil industry, so don’t be afraid to take classes or training courses.
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