Ken Dart

Ken Dart, other names “Kenneth B Dart” “Ken B. Dart”

Dart Realty Unites Residents, Businesses and Tourists on Grand Cayman

Ten years ago, construction began on the Camana Bay Town Centre; a mixed-use developmental project managed by Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. Dart Realty is a subsidiary of Dart Enterprises, owned by Ken Dart that manages residential, commercial, and community space on Grand Cayman. Over the past decade, Dart Realty has invested over US$700 million into Camana Bay. Their initial investment allowed for the completion of over 600,000 square feet of usable space for commercial, office, retail, and residential space. Camana Bay even houses an independent school for the residents of Grand Cayman.

Now, Camana Bay is expanding into the second phase of development which includes a heavier focus on residential communities. Adding in more residential units will allow the permanent residents of the island to live in Camana Bay alongside the already existing commercial and office space. Tourists are also drawn to Camana Bay’s extensive agricultural work that highlights local beauty on a landscaped walkway, a project envisioned by Ken Dart years ago. In this space, now tourists, residents, and businesses can interact with one another to truly bring the magic of the Cayman Islands alive.

Ken Dart and Dart Realty were ahead of the real estate game ten years ago when they started this multi-decade mixed-use property development plan, but now their foresight has ensured Camana Bay is a success for years to come. Recently, buyers have become more willing to pay to be located in a compact, mixed-use community close to a city center according to the National Association of Real Estate Editors. Camana Bay is a perfect example of the community model most buyers are searching for in today’s market. The developers work to provide amenities and accessible retail options as well as foster community growth and programs to unite the tourists and residents in one location.


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Camana Bay has been a driving force in bringing environmentally friendly initiatives to the island.

Ken Dart of Dart Enterprises has been a well-known name in the Cayman Islands for over a decade, as Dart Enterprises’ Camana Bay has grown in popularity, purpose, and size. DECCO Ltd., the privately owned contracting company that is a part of Dart Enterprises and in charge of the real estate development of Camana Bay, has shown time and time again their commitment to bettering the island for tourists and residents alike. With new, environmentally-friendly buildings and exceedingly safe work spaces, Ken Dart’s Dart Enterprises is succeeding in positively impacting the Cayman Island community.

For years, Ken Dart’s Camana Bay has been a driving force in bringing environmentally friendly initiatives to the island. In 2012, the first public charging station for electric cars opened in Camana Bay, just three years after they were the first to purchase an electric car on the island. Camana Bay has also provided a space for the residents of Grand Cayman to recycle glass, and tin cans in an effort to improve the island’s recycling opportunities. Now, their newest building, 18 Forum Lane, is slated to open in the summer of 2015 with a LEED gold status certification upon completion. This would make the new building, managed by Ken Dart’s Dart Realty’s Property Management group, the highest rated LEED building in Grand Cayman.

18 Forum Lane is the newest Camana Bay project to near completion. Much of the available 85,000 square feet has already been leased out to PwC Cayman Islands, a member firm of one of the largest global professional networks. PwC Cayman Islands signed a lease for the space in the summer of 2014 after seeing the plans for the building. Other tenants and PwC Cayman Islands can look forward to energy savings of over 32% compared to other similar buildings thanks to the energy initiatives of the construction company, DECCO Ltd. It is clear that Ken Dart, Dart Enterprises, and DECCO Ltd. are unwaveringly dedicated to improving the quality of life for many Cayman residents with these ground breaking projects.