Published by Everett Taylor on February 6, 2017

Four North Carolina Startups to Watch for in 2017

1) Undercover Colors is an impressive 2017 startup that is spearheaded by Steve and Tyler as introduced on their website. They are looking to change the face of entrepreneurial startup businesses by utilizing software technology to put an end to date rape. As their company successfully launches they hope to make available interactive technology that can be placed on your finger, dipped in a drink, and detect the date rate drug within minutes. Unfortunately, Steve had a friend that was a victim of college date rape and was inspired to make a difference ever since. Tyler suggests that Undercover Colors’ technology can decrease rape on college campuses by 78%.

2) Another successful startup in North Carolina that is creating a buzz is Reveal Mobile. They are focused on being the new standard for mobile location accuracy. They have a patent pending agnostic beacon that will contribute to predicting the precise location of a mobile user. It provides location based targeting and advertising that will beneficial to many companies in the industry.

3) The TigerEye Sensor provides unique jewelry that contains a sensor that will protect your clothing and merchandise. However, they also provide surveillance components that consists of temperature sensors and sterling silver bracelets. You can even get sensors that will control the temperature in your home.

4) Finally, CoreCompete is a company that you want to look out for in 2017. They feature analytics on their exclusive website that will help you get a better understanding of your internet traffic. In turn, they will deliver rapid financial value to their clients. They are continue to develop a strong relationship with the technology industry.

Now is a great time to invest in a startup business.