Published by Everett Taylor on November 19, 2017

First Ever UAS Industry Day Wraps Up In VA Beach

The VA Beach Military Aviation Museum just held its First Two-Day Annual UAS + Counter UAS Industry Day on November 7th and 8th, sponsored by ADS (Atlantic Diving Supply) and it was a tremendous hit with attendees. There was a vast array of the latest and most innovative Unmanned Aerial System presentations and informative tutorials on projected technological advancement and developments of UAS with attendee participation. To attend the event one had to be affiliated with the government or be involved with the aerial drone systems trade, such as a distributor. Below is a synopsis of the different vendors, demonstrations and product overviews that was exhibited.

Aeryon Labs Inc.: sky Ranger
Aeryon Labs Inc. develops smaller Unmanned Aerial Systems focused on human life saving techniques and matters, as well as intelligence gathering. The training meeting and demonstration was about an hour in length and centered on their Sky Ranger model and operations. The Sky Ranger is recognized for its ability to shoot its high resolution camera at the same time of live streaming electrical optical it can reach speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour but is strong enough to withstand wind gusts up through 90 kilometers per hour without wavering. It can remain in flight for approximately an hour with lighter weight or payload. The Sky Ranger is fitted to hover or fly with the stylus and tablet. It also has an optional joystick control for easier maneuverability. The landing apparatus is accomplished with sonar technology.

DE drone’s DroneTracker: DJI Phantom
This is a high-end innovative identifier that can not only detect commercial drones but also alert cameras and other intelligence operating features. The Drone Tracker operates with visual, auditory and frequency detection sensors. Dedrone is a cutting-edge technology company working in the airspace defense trade. The software involved in the DJI Phantom integrates smart technology with hardware sensors that can identify an approaching drone before it’s close by, what kind of drone it is with technologies revealed and the courses of operation needed to exterminate it. The detector is very light, weighing less than three pounds. Dedrone is headquartered in San Francisco and has been in business for three years.

For those who conduct business in the Unmanned Aerial System technology and industries, these events are perfect for seeing what the newest performance standards are and equipment capabilities. It is vital to our military and to privatized security firms as well.