Published by Everett Taylor on June 9, 2017

Corporations that hire people with disabilities

Recent publishes statistics show that approximately 41.1 percent of Americans with disabilities are employed. There are some top companies that hire people with disabilities and participate in disability awareness training programs. The disability community has advocates that devote time and energy showing the value of hiring these workers since the unemployment rates are double for people with disabilities versus those without. The Americans with Disabilities Act provides some protections for disabled workers though it cannot solve every problem.

Employment Resources

The companies that hire people with disabilities have websites with online applications with some having alternative career choices including telecommuting. Some of the resources for employers and employees include:

The Office of Disability Employment Policy U.S. Department of Labor: Has information about disability policies and practices.
Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP): Recruitment and referral program co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense.
Job Accommodation Network: This is the Office of Disability Employment Policy.
SourceAmerica: Helping companies hire disabled workers for over 40 years find the organization at

Top Companies Hiring Disabled Employees

IBM: This company is International Business Machines and is the number one company for being disability friendly in their hiring policies. They require all employees to participate in a disability awareness training program.

Proctor & Gamble: This is a company that manufactures and owns many brands including Charmin, Crest, Folgers, Tide and more. They are a company whose hiring policy includes people with disabilities and they offer a People with Disabilities Employee Group.

S C Johnson: This company is a leader in household products including Windex, Glade, Pledge and OFF. This company is a fifth generation family company that employs people with disabilities and has a Abilities First Council to support and advocate for disabled employees. They also have a program in place to recruit, hire and train these employees.

Cisco Systems: This is a multinational technology company that designs and sells networking equipment and hires employees with disabilities. This company is different from others because it offers healthcare incentives and has onsite health centers and pharmacies.

Ernest & Young: This company hires people with disabilities and has some telecommute opportunities for employees. The company also offers disability awareness training for all employees.

Sodexo: This company is a multi-international food service and facility management company. They are known for the SOAR program that is for Sodexo Organization of disAbilities Resources and provides disability awareness training for employees.

Other companies that hire people with disabilities include:

Prudential Financial
Merck & Co
Kaiser Permanente
Comcast NBCUniversal