Published by Everett Taylor on March 22, 2017

Cindy Whitehead is Helping to Reduce the Gender Gap in Venture Capital

Venture capitalism has long been dominated by mostly male occupants. It has been a long-running theme of this categorization from giants like Peter Fenton to people like Fred Wilson. Women have often been brushed aside never to reach the heights of these men, but in today’s day and age anything is possible and one woman, Cindy Whitehead (, who recently launched The Pink Ceiling, is looking to prove that fact.

The main problem is that men make more deals than women so they get more federal funding for their ventures. Cindy is going to change that by funding hundreds of different ventures of women. This will help the wage gap by giving women more capital to invest with and over a period of time the government and the world will take notice of what is going on with what she is doing and support her cause. This is important because women are not only treated differently in the venture capitalist world but in every other aspect of life. They have to work harder to get to the same positions as men as well as put forth more reason why they should be treated the same.

On the outside, it is hard to see the problem but once you are on the inside it becomes clear how unfair the treatment is and it is glaringly clear when you look at the venture capitalist funding for women versus men. Cindy Whitehead has already made huge strides in closing this gap, just look at her company, The Pink Ceiling which invests in women-owned and women-focused startups . She is on track to help women across all walks of life by showing them what they can accomplish that in reality, you can do whatever you want to and all it takes is a simple mindset.