Published by Everett Taylor on May 11, 2017

The UAE is Going to Mars with the Hope Spacecraft

According to UAE ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al Otaiba (, the UAE’s Mars Mission “…is a signpost for future generations–both in the UAE and across the region – that says anything is possible.”

Published by Everett Taylor on April 4, 2017

Infiniti Launches a Startup Lab in Toronto

Infiniti is teaming up with Multiplicity to get the Toronto Lab up and running, and selected Toronto because of its strong startup culture, according to the company. Multiplicity is a non-profit based in the city that offers education and mentorship services to startups and entrepreneurs.

Published by Everett Taylor on March 22, 2017

Cindy Whitehead is Helping to Reduce the Gender Gap in Venture Capital

Women have often been brushed aside never to reach the heights of these men, but in today’s day and age anything is possible and one woman, Cindy Whitehead (, who recently launched The Pink Ceiling, is looking to prove that fact.

Published by Everett Taylor on March 22, 2017

2016 Bridges of Understanding Dinner Celebrates Global Citizenship

Recently, Bridges of Understanding, a nonprofit organization, had its annual awards gala at the Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse at Lincoln Center. The Benefit Committee of this event was made up of Ambassador Dina Kawar; Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba and Mrs. Abeer Al Otaiba; and Ambassador James Smith and Dr. Janet Breslin-Smith.

Published by Everett Taylor on March 22, 2017

CREDIT SUISSE: Stocks could see a quick 10% drop

The bank has an overall positive outlook on the markets in the long term, raising their end of the year target for the S&P to 2,500 from 2,300.

Published by Everett Taylor on February 27, 2017

Prominent Figures Invited to the International Institute for Strategic Studies

It also holds a series of talks called the Ambassadors’ Forum. In May, 2016, the speaker at the Forum was Yousef Al Otaiba (, the Ambassador from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the United States.

Published by Everett Taylor on February 27, 2017

Warren Buffett Upbeat on US Business Growth

Mr. Buffett’s comments came as his firm Berkshire Hathaway, which owns dozens of US stocks including Apple, Coca-Cola and the four biggest US airlines, reported a 15% rise in fourth-quarter profits to $6.3bn (£5bn).

Published by Everett Taylor on February 6, 2017

Four North Carolina Startups to Watch for in 2017

Unfortunately, Steve had a friend that was a victim of college date rape and was inspired to make a difference ever since. Tyler suggests that Undercover Colors’ technology can decrease rape on college campuses by 78%.

Published by Everett Taylor on February 1, 2017

Understanding the Most Effective Methods of Oil Exploration

This helps expose more of the area to oil: horizontal legs can be miles long to capture more gas. An example of this type of oil drilling was perfected by independent company, Cunningham Energy ( as they worked with Big Injun to create three high-quality horizontal drills.


Published by Everett Taylor on August 25, 2016

Westfield World Trade Center: A Marvel in Retail Shopping

When the Westfield Corporation signed the 1.4 billion World Trade Center deal, back in 2012, Peter Lowy the co-CEO with the corporation said that the developer would create a new retail standard for the city and sign world-class tenants. This promise was realized last week when the Westfield World Trade Center mall was officially opened…

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